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Asphodel / Dec 01, 2017 / Officer News

With the release of the new raid, we have updated the list of raids that you can do in a pickup group.

Antorus the Burning Throne - Normal and higher
We want to experience the new raid as a guild, that is why Antorus the Burning Throne is off limits to pug. There will be two raids scheduled per week that you can join for this raid. We might open up normal during the weekend on a later date. There will be an announcement when that happens.

Antorus the Burning Throne - LFR
As usual, the new LFR wings are off limits until we have done the wing with the guild on the day it opens. After the LFR guild run you are free to do that LFR wing whenever you want.

Tomb of Sargeras - All difficulties
All difficulties of the Tomb of Sargeras are now open to pug! Since we'll be focussing on Antorus the Burning Throne now, there won't be scheduled raids to ToS.

All the raids before that remain free to pug. You can find the most up-to-date list here

If you can have any questions, feel free to contact one of the officers.
Either in game, on the website or on discord.
Nimthiriel / Nov 24, 2017 / Raiding

At the core of Argus lies Antorus, the Burning Throne.
From this seat of power, Sargeras has been driving his Burning Crusade to ravage the cosmos.

Deep within the Throne’s nigh-impenetrable defenses, primordial powers are being forged into weapons of utter annihilation. The final hour could soon fall upon all of creation.

The time has come for the Lemmings of the Light to confront the Burning Legion within Sargeras’ seat of power. Antorus, the Burning Throne, awaits—along with the formidable dangers within.

Raid Unlock Schedule

November 29 — Normal and Heroic difficulties
December 6 — Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1: Light’s Breach
December 20 — Raid Finder Wing 2: Forbidden Descent
January 3 — Raid Finder Wing 3: Hope’s End
January 17 — Raid Finder Wing 4: Seat of the Pantheon

The usual rules apply unless stated otherwise.
As usual, the new LFR wings are off limits until we have done the wing with the guild on the day it opens. After the LFR guild run you are free to do LFR whenever you want. All the LFR guild runs can be found in the calendar.

We as officers have been debating what requirements we would like to have in place for this raid. The discussion we have made are;
• The minimum Item level to sign up will be 915 – if you find this unachievable please contact any of the officers in game or on discord and we will help you get to this before raiding start.
• You MUST be fully gemmed and enchanted
• The guildbank can provide pots, flask and food for reduced prices, but if you can make your own it will be cheaper. Please could you bring along runes – if unsure which is best for your character ask in guild or look at icy veins guides (

You will find all the needed tactics here

You will find the Antorus Sign up list here (to be inserted)

Hope to see you all join us for this exciting new chapter and finally put an end to the burning legion.