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Here are the current Community and Guild Ranks:

Community Leader

Evieh is our current Community Leader. She is our overall guide in helping the community expand into other games, whilst also keeping it secure and making sure the Lemmings Spirit is not lost.

Community Officer

Community Officers are there to aid Evieh in guiding the community to expand whilst staying true to its values. The current Community Officers are: Asphodel, Chiani, Garalia, Joe Snow, Jinshen, Nienor, and Spitbeard.

In Game Leaders (Boss lady) **

Asphodel is the current WoW Guild Leader, and Tyton the current FF14 Free Company Leader. The in-game leaders in Lemmings plots the main course of the guild and tries to inspire guildies to be true Lemmings. She has the final say on applications and discussion topics and is responsible for all happenings within the guild.

In-game Officers * & **

Officers help the guild leader make the best possible decisions; represent the guildleader when he’s not online. Officers also invite alts/new guildies (when an invite has been agreed to) and perform other “administration” duties in the guild like setting the gmotd, promoting/demoting, and answering questions about guild policies.

High Lemming *

High Lemmings are people that are active on the website, who have been very helpful to guildies, and people that contribute to a good atmosphere in one way or another. In general, an example to us all People who are promoted to High Lemming not only get a funky title but will also gain the privilege of commenting on community applications, so they will have an influence on future community atmosphere as well! Nomination rounds are announced every two months or so, in which you can submit a nomination or two for members that deserve a promotion to this rank.

Members do not have to be currently playing WoW to be considered, as long as they are active in the community, either through the site or another game.


A Lemming is a regular member of the community, who defends our guild principles in pickup groups, who treats his other players kindly, assumes the best – never the worst; patient, friendly individuals with a strong sense of community and team-play.


Alts are the alternate characters of the guildies.


Inactive WoW rank. Guildies that have gone ‘afk’ for a longer period of time (1 month) and have let a WoW Officer or the Community (through the site) know about their inactivity, will be promoted to this rank. When they come back they go back to Lemming rank regardless of previous rank, except in the special circumstance that their inactivity was short and they remained active through the website.


Initiates are possible Lemmings, who have only recently been invited to join Lemmings of the Light. We strive to have made a decision regarding the passing of the trial period within three months.

* = guild application council stands for: the people who help judge incoming guild applications by commenting on them on the website. Getting to the rank of high lemming also opens up a (limited) insight behind-the-screens of the guild, via the guild website.

** = guild leadership stands for: people with promote/demote/guild invite/guild kick/gmotd setting/note changing capabilities. In short, they are able to do what Vico does and trusted to act responsibly in the guildleader’s place when a problem is encountered. An officer will discuss with the other officers what kind of action should be taken if possible; demotes someone to initiate if behaviour is suspicious (hacking) or even kicks when the behaviour is conflicting with our guild rules.

*Copied over from the old website. Updated 19.09.16
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