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Lemmings of the Light

When in doubt, jump!

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Lemmings of the Light

The games we play

Celebrating our 10 year Anniversary

Lemmings old and new come together at the gates of Stormwind

Lemmings Anniversary

Lemmings Conga starting at Ironforge

Lemmings Anniversary

Lemmings Conga finishing in Stormwind

Lich King

A surreal night, as after months of banging our heads on this fight, the actual downing of the King turned out to be rather... ezmode


After having banged our heads against the two-headed ogre for 3 weeks in a row, we finally did it!


In a superb team effort the Lemmings have downed Al'Akir, the end boss of Throne of the Four Winds


After months of slowly but surely progressing through dragon's lairs our journey in Blackrock Mountain has come to an end

Horridon is DEAD!

Over one hundred wipes later, this dreaded boss finaly met his end!

Mogu'shan Vaults is cleared!

The first raid of MoP is fully cleared, with the defeat of the Will of the Emperor!

Lemmings down Gruul!

Lemmings defeated Gruul in Blackrock Foundry

Madness of Deathwing

Lemmings have downed Deathwing!!!

Artsy Lemmings

The Soothing Mist by Jingshen


"Success!!! One of the best raids we have had..."

Hagara the Stormbinder

Lemmings were on the roll again this evening


First boss in Dragon Soul is dead!


Only our 2nd night on this boss, and the bird is in the bag :)


In what turned out to be a super night, the Lemmings have accomplished two first kills in one go


Neti: "Vico, you are using fire resistance aura right?" Vico: "There's fire damage in this instance?" Raid: "..."


We killed Atramedes for th first time on our second night with that poor blind dragon!

Valiona & Theralion

After several weeks of practice, tonight we finally got this movement-heavy fight just right: the Lemmings have downed Valiona & Theralion!


Well, it may have been some time since we Lemmings raided together, but nothing has changed
Asphodel / Mar 01, 2017 / Announcements

Currently it gets harder to recruit people in World of Warcraft. There are a lot of guilds looking for new members, so we’re fishing in the same pond. Historically Lemming of the Light was created to provide a safe place for people to enjoy playing along with likeminded people instead of the big leveling guilds or the hardcore raiding guilds. That faded away during all the years. But you still see that on new servers. Usually when a new server opens, you see the big leveling guilds, pvp guilds and hardcore raiding guilds pop op. But no guilds where people can enjoy the (new) game at their own pace that provides a safe environment with likeminded people.

New approach
That’s why we’re going to change the approach for Lemmings of the Light in World of Warcraft. When a server for new players (marked with new players) opens, the officer team will start a new guild there where people can join a likeminded guild instead of the big and hardcore other guilds.
After a while when the guild has been established, there will be elections for the new boss lady on that server and that new boss lady can form his or her own team of officers. The current officer team will then start a new guild on the next server that opens for new players and start the cycle again.

Staying in touch
That would mean that there will be a lot of (small) Lemmings of the Light guilds. To stay in touch with each other outside the game we still have our discord server. But to stay in touch with each other in the World of Warcraft everyone has to use a new addon called gxchat.

Gxchat is an addon that allows communication by means of a cross-realm chat common. Recently, with the arrival of the possibility to do cross-server raid and users's unavoidable drop, they are increasingly the guilds that, for continuing to raid, must merge or cooperate with another guild, in some cases also with guilds of a different server !

An effective fusion and therefore the union under a single guild, usually tends to be slow or cause problems, this addon serves to unite the various guilds least on the chat, a first change for feeling united without be realy united.

Not to mention the case where the guilds are of different servers, where the only solution would first of all transfer to another realm; Instead with a shared chat all of this is not necessary, at least until guild's targets can be achievable in cross-server raid groups.

New possibilities
With new servers opening up all the time, there are possibilities to branch out. We could start a new Lemmings of the Light guild on a new pvp server for the pvp minded people or a new guild on a roleplaying server. What about a Lemming Olympics with every server having their own team?
With a Lemmings of the Light guild on every new server people will get to know us and recognize our guild name, making it easier for recruiting on newly opened servers.

Out with the old, in with the new
What does that mean for the guild on Aszune/Shadowsong? Unfortunately with all the focus and energy the officers will have to spend on creating new guilds and monitoring when new servers will start up, we will be phasing out the current Lemmings of the Light guild on Aszune/Shadowsong.
People are welcome to start new characters on the new servers to meet new people and help build up the Lemmings name.

This whole plan isn’t finalized yet, more details will be provided in exactly one month time, during our 12 year anniversary. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Bosslady of Lemmings of the Light on Aszune/Shadowsong
Asphodel / Feb 09, 2017 / Raiding

Pugging rule for World of Warcraft

Our no pugging current content rule have been in the guild for a long time. In the beginning it was meant so you wouldn't be saved to a raid instance and you could join the guild raids. But over time, the raidlocks for normal and heroic difficulty were removed and you're only loot locked now. As officers we constantly review the rules we have in place and we been asking your opinion about the pugging rule here.

In that post, Matzie suggests an idea that we liked as officers and that's where we based the new pugging rule on:
  • We're going back to two raids days in a week. On Thursday and Tuesday.
  • Wednesday will be used to do the new wings of LFR when they come out and other fun events
  • On Friday till Monday, ALL raids on ALL difficulties will be open to pug! Even mythic raids. You can join them solo or ask if other guildmembers want to join or make an event for it.
  • If we have to cancel a guild raid, you can pug raids on that day. Keep an eye on the website for the notification if raids are cancelled.

The Nighthold LFR

The LFR pug rule stays in place. On the day a new wing opens, we schedule a guild run for that new wing. After the guild run the wing will be free to pug.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact an officer either in game, here on the website or on discord.
Asphodel / Jan 03, 2017 / Raiding

Raiding Days

12 people voted on our raiding days. Our new raiding days will be Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.
The raiding times will remain the same. From 9PM game time to 11PM game time.

Tuesday was the most popular option. The others days were closer together in number of votes. As officers we want to keep the Friday for Game of the Week events. Doing raids on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday would be to close after each other. That would mean we could stick to our current raiding days (Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday) or make a change. We heard from several people that they wanted to raid but couldn't make our schedule. That's why the Sunday raid will be moved to the Monday.

The raiding days will be added to the in game calendar to help you remember. But you still have to use the site to sign up for the raid to avoid confusion.

Trial of Valor continuation

Starting the 5th of January we will continue in the Trial of Valor. We're on Helya, the last boss of the instance so the raid will be extended to have enough tries to kill her. It's a difficult fight with a lot of mechanics, so it will need a lot of practice.

The Nighthold

The Nighthold will release on the 18th of January. As is tradition in Lemming of the Light we'll face the new raid during a fun run on the 19th. Fun runs are raids where we're going in with minimal or no tactics and just see what happens to get a feel of the place. Depending on the progress we made in Trials of Valor we continue on Helya or move to the Nighthold after the fun run. We'll keep you updated closer to the release of the Nighthold

The first wing of LFR will release a week later on the 25th. A guild run will be scheduled on Wednesday the 25th of January. After the guild run the first wing will be free to pug.

What can you PuG?

As of this moment, the only Raids available to PuG are The Emerald Nightmare LFR and Normal versions, and Trial of Valor LFR. Please visit this post here to keep up to date with what is Puggable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact an officer either in game, here on the website or on discord.
Draukon / Dec 24, 2016

Dearest Lemmings,

The holidays are upon us! I am sure that many of us will spend some quality time with friends or family. To take the time to reflect on 2016 and to look ahead to what is to come in 2017.

We look forward to seeing you all in the Christmas event on the 29th or, in case you can't make it, in your favorite game or channel whenever next 😀

Have a great Christmas and an awesome year's end!

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